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SkyChoice Communications is dedicated in providing solutions to assist the Canadian communities we serve in their economic development with a focus on reducing the digital divide by offering fast, reliable and quality telecommunication services including TV, Internet and Phone in both urban and rural areas. Our team of problem solvers always think outside the box and are committed in getting everyone connected, even in the most challenging areas with limited available service options.

SkyChoice WIFI.BE wireless fiber offers high performance broadband services from our next generation network of fiber fed towers covering many areas of South Central Ontario with fiber powered high performance delivered using cutting edge wireless technologies. Our qualification tool instantly determines service availability based on the location's line of sight and antenna installation height.

We are focused in offering high quality services at an affordable price along with an exceptional customer experience and satisfaction.

SkyChoice is 100% Canadian-owned and operated from our Oakville headquarters with locally based customer service and technical support.

Our core values

  • Reducing the digital divide In order for the communities we serve to prosper, they must have equal access to fast and reliable broadband. This is why we remain committed towards ending the digital divide.
  • Dedicated to acheive We remain focused on finding solutions for the toughest challenges, regardless of the obstacles that stand in our way by constantly thinking outside the box.
  • Offer exceptional customer experiences Our customers are the reason we do business so we remain committed in ensuring customer satisfaction by providing a superior experience for all of our services.
  • Driven towards innovation As there are constant improvements and breakthroughs with the technologies used to provide service, we constantly strive for innovation by evaluating and testing enhanced equipment as it becomes available and deploy it in our network once it becomes mature.

    SkyChoice WIFI.BE, because the future can't wait!

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