WIFI.BE 5G fixed wireless - WideOpen Unlimited

Maximize your antenna height and take control of your available service speeds with WIFI.BE WideOpen, only from SkyChoice. Designed for customers who wish to get the fastest service available in their area, the WIFI.BE WideOpen service has no capped upload or download speed limits. Speeds are only limited by your signal levels up to technological limits and includes unlimited data usage.

Please qualify your address to confirm availability and pricing

Includes the following:

  • Direct connection to fiber fed tower. Phone, fiber optic or coaxial cable wire not required
  • Fast, reliable and low latency connection, not impacted by weather
  • Video conferencing and VPN access compatible
  • True UNLIMITED data usage, NO slowdowns
  • Fixed IP address
  • Local support and complimentary service calls
  • Outdoor subscriber antenna rental

Qualify Qualify
One time professional installation fee:
$50 discount with preauthorized debit upon install
  • $99.99 $50.00 (for a limited time) - basic conversion install when switching from an existing fixed wireless provider
  • $199.99 $150.00 (for a limited time) - basic installation (most common) with new mast and up to 100 ft. of Ethernet cable
  • Please note that extra costs may apply if an enhanced installation is needed for 100% line of sight such as a tripod, wireless relay or tower.
Please note that signal level requirements for WIFI.BE WideOpen are much greater than other plans and will be validated on a regular basis to ensure signal requirements continue being met. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure 100% line of sight is maintained and a tower is required in most cases.
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